We are convinced that our primary mission is to participate in the progress of the gospel by proclaiming the gospel and planting churches. David Hesselgrave observed that the New Testament reveals a pattern called the Pauline cycle which includes proclamation, gathering and establishing believers in local churches, and training leaders who then perpetuate the same process. The focus of our mission is to participate in this pattern. We currently are committed to three such outreaches:

Thinagaran and Jemi Richard (EKTA)

India — Training church planters and church leaders.

Aquila and Priscilla (not their actual names)

Working in areas of the world not open to conventional Christian missionaries.

Fred and Trudy Vermeulen (BMW)

Suriname — Bible Translation, training church leaders

Meeting Pressing Needs

“Our people must also learn to engage in good deeds to meet pressing needs... (Titus 3:14).”

We periodically support Refuge Ranch (Mexico) which is a home that takes in children in need. We look for ways to serve those in need in our own communities as well as those experiencing special needs around the world as we become aware and are able.